Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Covid-19 vs Abortions

We don't shut down the government for THESE deaths, do we?"

I saw a meme counting the abortions in the country vs the covid 19 deaths, and kind of calling "libtards" hypocrites who don't "really" care about deaths in the same way that the right wingers do.

"If they really cared, they wouldn't b pro-choice!" type of thing.

And then I also saw so many right-wing leaders and followers say that the economy needed saving, so it's ok to let a lot of people die so they can open the economy.

Mind you- we are currently at 40,000 deaths in 4 months- WITH social distancing, and the world economy shut down.

But they still felt that it was an acceptable risk- to get the economy going.

At some point, we will need to get it going again- this is unquestionable.

But knowing that you want to open the economy for an acceptable number of deaths- I want you to realize that for some people, their own personal economies make them choose to terminate their fetuses.

Just their own.

And maybe you're not ok with that, so let me ask you this...

If Abortions could happen at the beauty parlor, barber shop, nail salon, restaurants- would you be so ready to open for business?

A pregnant woman WILL die of Coronavirus at some point, and so will her fetus... or fully developed baby.

You can't "Catch" abortions, but you can certainly kill yourself and many other people - and their babies- by catching and spreading this extremely contagious virus.

This week, a 5 year old girl died of from COVID-19.


She was the daughter of a Firefighter and Police woman.

Essential workers in everyone's books.

And yet, I guarantee that little girl's parents would be willing to quit their jobs, sell their bodies, and do any other thing they could if they could get their little girl back.

I know I would.

Their economy is the last thing on the parents' minds right now... and probably forever.

So, while you hear the non-scientists tell you that you need to get back to work, consider the idea that doing so WILL cause deaths.

That they will be telling you to go out and make them money,
and you are apparently fine with the deaths tat will cause.

But deaths that YOU are putting as acceptable- for money.