Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Waiting For Baby Girl Rodriguez

The DUE DATE for our daughter is on Saturday! 

Yes, I'm nervous about what it's going to mean
to have ANOTHER baby, just as I'm getting used
to my 3 year old boy.

But here's what I do know...

I am going to be with her.

Because just like with our son,
I am still learning, growing, and getting better at
having an online business that allows me to be free.

Free to BE THERE for things like this:
Do you have ANY IDEA how much more I love life
because I get to spend it with the people I love?

Isn't that better than being at some place just
to earn some money, just to pay for some dumb stuff anyway?

​​​​​​​Don't you think it's worth it to learn that stuff?

Have I been lucky?


Have I been persistent- YES.

And that's why I get to have days like this:
I mean, look at my sons' face!!

He is SERIOUS about getting daddy!

and his best friend in the world is with us
all day, and I get to play with them.

This summer has been MAGIC
Yesterday, I woke up to an email that gave me a great start
to the day- it really made me feel EASY about it:
(results not typical of course)

How would YOU feel if you woke up to a $400 commission?

Instead of cramming all the fun into 2 days a week,
when everyone else is trying to have "quality time",
we have ALL THE TIME, to play, laugh, and learn together.

This is on a tuesday (I think) around 3:
So let me URGE YOU...

I don't know what YOU want to do with your days,
and what YOU would do with your FREEDOM, but 
for me- THIS IS IT.

When I was younger, it was to grow my acting career
(and I still do- I'm shooting a short film on Sat.)
but now FREEDOM means an entirely new thing.

I PROMISE it's worth it:

P.S.- I don't know when she's coming,
but you'l forgive me if I send you
pictures of her when she's born!!