Friday, August 18, 2017


How To Get The "Cookies Of Life"

My 2 year-old son dragged a chair
from the table to the counter in the kitchen.

He carefully climbed up the chair,
and stood on the counter.

Reached up and opened the cabinet.
And took out the vanilla and chocolate
bunny cracker boxes...

AND SQUEALED with laughter.

He was so proud.
And so was I.

Terrified about him falling, but so proud.

I felt the same way the first time I made money
without trading time for it.

It felt like magic.

I pushed some buttons, and VIOLA!
Today, I want to give YOU that feeling too:

The whole time I've been trying to help and guide people
to getting free, there has always been a hurdle-

The people themselves.

The systems are all great, and they all work,
but the PEOPLE didn't have enough drive to get
on top of the counter and do it for themselves.

Now it's easier to climb.
They've added the chair.
They added the counter

and the cookies are WELL within reach.

I promise- you can do this.
And you won't even risk a scraped knee!

Remember this feeling?

You can feel that way, and you can have help doing it.
The problem is that a lot of people LIKE being suckers.
They'll buy some new information product, never put it
into action, and nothing changes.

Then someone works hard to make a system for them,
and then the people don't USE it, and call it a scam.

Well guess what?

There ARE cookies in the cupboard, and people

I gave him more cookies than he EVER got before.
and he got BOTH Chocolate and Vanilla.

Because he DESERVED them

You want cookies?

Then YOU can deserve them too.

All you gotta do is go here and GET MOVING: