Friday, March 10, 2017


The Best Jobs for Actors… Hint: It’s NOT Waiting Tables!

The Best Jobs for Actors…

Hint: It’s NOT Waiting Tables.

 I’m Pete Luna, an actor/comedian/writer living in New York City.
I have some good news, and some bad news.
Bad news first:
Don’t misunderstand, acting is awesome – it’s fun and freeing. You get to express yourself, tell stories, delight an audience. People give you nice clothes to wear and (usually) good food to eat. Your only worry is your OBJECTIVE. You get to do what you love.
But BEING an actor sucks.
You know what I mean – everyone tells you to quit and get a real job. “Oh, you’re not still doing that acting thing, are you?” People tell you how hard the business is because the odds ARE against you and most people don’t make it anyway.
Then you get a chance to some great work, but it doesn’t pay, or you do some crappy work because it does pay. You barely have enough money to squeeze by between gigs, and while your “regular job” friends are going on vacations, you go nowhere because you’re always broke.
And you’re always on the verge of giving up once and for all
Please know that it’s not your fault.
Our teachers told us to work on our craft, get “survival jobs,” send out headshots and WAIT to “be discovered.”
That’s what they taught us (even though it obviously didn’t work for them), so that’s what you’re doing, right? That’s what most people do.
And that’s why most people fail.
Everyone knows that the acting business is fucking tough, and most people quit before ever making any real money. They give up and get desk jobs and say things like “I had to grow up sometime,” while less talented people who “know someone” get all the jobs. I hear it all the time.
Now for the GOOD NEWS!
Some people have figured out a way to pursue careers without having to starve, wait tables, or live with their parents.
In fact, I know a guy who hasn’t had a day job in over 15 years! How? He learned how to set up “Online Vending Machines.” Those machines in turn send him checks in the mail over and over and over again.
And he’s teaching actors about it in a video I just watched called “No More Waiters- How To Build Your Acting Business WITHOUT A Day Job”: 
Since he makes money without a day job, he’s been able to go on auditions, do shows, and shoot dozens of commercials. In fact he just met with a network for a sitcom pilot! Awesome, right? Bones has done very little TV and film, but so far in his career he’s managed to make almost $400,000 strictly from acting work.

Let me repeat that – $400,000 for acting.

One more time – $400,000
What the shit?! How? Hard to believe . . . and Bones is a CLOSE friend of mine!
He’s teaching me and I know it works because I’ve SEEN him make money.
Now I’ve worked day jobs, waited tables, tended bar, done temp work, and booked more damn background gigs than I care to count. Bones never has to ask anyone for time off, to switch shifts, or pretend he’s sick in order to audition. 
He does whatever he wants whenever he wants.
And he does that Every. Single. Day.
Sometimes that means working on his acting career. Other times it’s playing with his son.
And sometimes it means doing nothing at all.
Lucky bastard!
When I told him I wanted that too, he sent me his book, which you’ll find HERE
I know what I WANT to do – instead of working a day job, I’ll play my new XBOX One with my brilliant niece.
How about YOU?
What will you do when you STOP trading your time for money?
Now most people who hear about this kind of thing want to find out more. That makes perfect sense.
There are some, however, who won’t. You know the type – people who would rather go out for a drink, smoke something, and bitch about how “Hollywood” isn’t really “genuine” anymore.
They do everything except what they should be doing. Those people have nothing but excuses.
If you’re that type, there’s no need to keep reading.
But if you’re the first type, the kind who wants to be free to create, AND if you have enough courage to do some work, then you’ll love what you learn from Bones.

(there’s always a catch)
From this moment forward, realize that YOU are responsible for your own success, and that you have to TAKE ACTION.
In school, we could just “learn” and then not have to DO anything. It was so simple then.
Real life is different.
You never get rewarded for doing nothing.
So here’s your chance. If you just want to take the “blue pill” and go back to the “unfairness” of life, and wait tables, wait for perfection, and wait to be discovered, go ahead. You’ll do nothing but wait.
Or you can take the RED PILL, and discover an entirely new world.
A world where your time is always YOURS.
You can do whatever you WANT to do with it.
Live the life you were always meant to have.
Imagine being true to yourself all the time.
Doing what you want whenever you want.
Priceless, isn’t it?
If you’ve read this far, I know Bones can help you, because he's helping me!
Click HERE RIGHT NOW and watch the video of “NO MORE WAITERS” – if it doesn't blow your mind, you don’t have a mind .
That’s how great I think it is. And I’m right in this case.
See you on set! Or stage! Or both!

Pete Luna