Friday, March 10, 2017


Flashing The "White Power" Sign At The White House?

No, this isn't bullshit.

In an effort to distract from the craziness that is the Trump-Russia investigation, the Cheeto-in-Chief is doing everything and anything to get attention.

So he has a photo op in the white house with a bunch of kids.

For some reason, he taks ONE picture with ONE kid.

ONLY One kid.... look at :31

And the kid flashes up the newest "White Power" sign made popular online by "pepe".

I know, you think I'm paranoid.

I get it- I'm brown, I am a liberal, so I must cry racism at everything, right?

Or, maybe the evil that we fought in WWII has come back, and is waging a very quiet, hostile takeover.

I'm not the only one: