Monday, December 05, 2016


This Picture Of Captain America Is Pissing Off Red States

There's a picture going around on Facebook of Captain America's Chris Evans wearing a t-shirt that is pissing people off.

But it is also making a 22 year-old convenience store clerk over $13,000 a month (click to see how)!

Um... What?

But there are 3 secrets about it...

It's a picture of the electoral map of the 2016 Presidential Election:

"Blue States= The United States Of America"
"Red States= Dumb F*ckistan"

As you can imagine, it is being shared like wildfire throughout social media..


There's another picture of Kid Rock wearing the opposite t-shirt:

"Red States= The United States Of America"
"Blue States= Dumb F*ckistan"

You see, it's all because this store clerk learned that people will buy t-shirts and all sorts of things if they align with their ideas- 

Especially if they offend someone, or make them laugh!

So here's the FIRST secret: He doesn't even make the shirts!

When I heard that he was making all of this money, I figured he was making and selling the shirts- he DOESN'T.

There are companies that will make whatever you want and you never have to do anything but send them visitors they're called "Print-On-Demand" companies, and they pay millions of dollars a month- every month.

So here's the second secret: The pictures are FAKES.

Yes- all he did was add a picture of the shirt on the stars...

===>Click this link to the full story and how he does it