Monday, October 24, 2016


The Asset that even poor people can afford

I talk a lot about buying Assets instead of liabilities and doodads.

But there are ALWAYS people who INSIST that they are "too poor" to get an asset, but the truth is that they just don't know that they aren't!

If you own a bicycle, then you can rent it out to people. Boom. Asset.

If you have WI-FI, you can offer it to your neighbors for cheap, right? BOOM asset.

HOWEVER, I like the idea of small businesses, and I always talk about vending machines, but I don't own any. Who wants to deal with candy and changing it out all the time?

Instead, I buy ONLINE vending machines.

You can only do something when you KNOW ABOUT IT, right?

Well, I saw this, and bought it immediately- it's cheap, it works, and it can be an asset FOREVER, sending payments right into your bank account:

And if anyone says they can't afford it, I give up.