Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Where does Passion Live?

Someone was recently telling me how musical theatre is all cheesy and ridiculous, and they can't really believe when people break into song.

I decided that this person had never been exposed to the real deal.

Of course a lot of it is cheese-ball hysterics and love platitude rhymes, but some of it- the REAL DEAL of it- is soul-filling love, heart-wrenching sadness, and spiritually-enlarging PASSION.

Yes, this is the cliche clip to pick but how can you watch this and not know how she feels?

1982 Tony Awards: Jennifer Holliday sings "And I'm Telling You" Dreamgirls - YouTube: ""

Maybe if you've never felt like this you have no idea what's happening here.

Maybe you just see someone singing LOUD and yelling for a paying audience, but when you KNOW what she's singing about, you FEEL IT.

Even more, when you are a performer, you WANT to get into a state like this, you WANT to take the emotions, and bring them forward so that someone on the other side of the 4th wall feels it.

The music and lyrics are NOT ENOUGH without the performer.

Do YOU do anything with this much passion?
Could you INSPIRE that much passion in someone else?
Could you EXPRESS this much passion in something or someone?

I don't know about you, but this brought me to tears, and that was after watching 4 different versions of it BEFORE I chose to write this.

I hope something brings you to tears today, and even better, that you bring them to someone else!

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