Monday, November 18, 2013


The Actor Story That Made Me Cry While Telling It

Yes, I am crying over an Actor Story... more specifically, a STAR TREK ACTOR Story.
Maybe it's just my hormones, but I saw a video that really touched me, and I knew it was going viral, but I happened to know a few back story points that I knew a lot of people didn't know...

I just told you the whole story, but in case you want to see the videos themselves, which are super-inspiring and passionate:

This is the Viral Whoopi Goldberg video that got me started:

And here's a video of Nichelle Nichols talking about her encounter with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
This video will put YOUR ENTIRE LIFE into perspective by the time it's over:

Nichelle Nichols' Encounter With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

C'Mon, after you hear all of THAT, how can you NOT keep going?