Monday, November 25, 2013


Perform Random Acts Of Shakespeare!

Perform Random Acts Of Shakespeare?

A while ago, my friend Leah Burnette was talking about something, and she said "Perform Random Acts Of Shakespeare". I told her she should make T-Shirts and stuff.

She Didn't.

So I did! See them HERE.

But here's the thing- if someone wanted to run with this, there's an entire business plan that could go with it.

I say that you have a core group of people who perform a random act of Shakespeare flash-mob-style a few days a week, let' say at 4 different locations, and film them all.

Everyone wears the T-Shirts promoting the website.

Splice them together during the weekend, and put them on YouTube.

Make sure that SCHOOLS know you're doing this, and you could even get them to come be a part of a few of the Random Acts. They could watch them in class and discuss them, or maybe for homework- whatever.

After a while, you'd have entire plays up.

Then you could ask people to support you by buying the paraphernalia and donating to the site, or the various completed plays could be bought on DVD, or pay per view, or whatever.

Of course, it would also be a great way to promote your local shakespeare theatre group/

Anyway, the key is promotion, performance, and paraphernalia!!

Buy Random Acts Of Shakespeare Stuff HERE