Sunday, November 24, 2013


Building An Asset In The Digital World

Building An Asset In The Digital World

I always recommend Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki because it first taught me about the idea of "assets"- Something That Pays You.

I had never even thought of that as a concept.

Sure, I liked the idea of "making money" and he idea of "getting paid", but the idea that I could actually buy something that PAID ME was completely out of my awareness.

It was one of those ideas that "I didn't know I didn't know" about.

When I explain the idea to other people, I ask them to imagine buying a Pinball machine, and putting it in a barbershop where the kids who come in to the shop can play. You put it in the corner, and go home.

Once a week, or once a month, you go and get the money out of the machine. You haven't "worked" for the money, you haven't "sold" anything- you just collect the money.


Another example is when you buy a house or an apartment, and rent it out to someone. The money that is paid by the renter is not something you worked for, and not something you sold- the renters just pay, and you collect the money.

The apartment PAYS YOU.

Online (The digital world) one of the assets you build is an EMAIL LIST.

You build a list of people who are interested in whatever your topic is, and as you send them emails, they buy stuff. You can even set up emails to go out automatically, therefore letting the emails sell automatically.

The Email list PAYS YOU.

It Is An Asset In The Digital World

I build a list with AWEBER, and I build different lists, creating several assets:

My list of Parents who buy my kids books.
My list of Artists who want to make money without a day job.
My List of Healthy People who want to look sexy.
My list of people who want to earn money from home.

If you'd like to do the same, I recommend you start an AWEBER trial:

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Create your own asset, and you won't need to find a barbershop, or pay for a pinball machine!