Tuesday, September 10, 2013


How To Make a HILARIOUS Video 101

"How To Make An Hilarious Video 101"
Actually, this is less of a lesson, and more of a case study of two different videos.
The first is HILARIOUS, and you will share this post just because of the sheer
BALLS these guys had to make the video:

They obviuously revel in trying to make ridiculous things, and in making people laugh. You, and everyone else will share this because they appreciate how HARD people worked on this... just to make us laugh.

The second Hilarious Video (maybe?)is a whole "internet hype machine" analysis, committed Brilliantly by Jimmy Kimmel, and it will show how insane the thirst for DISASTER PORN is online:

So, now that you know that videos are amazing, you might want to get a copy of:

For me, when I saw this video a few days ago, I wasn't concerned about whether it was fake or not, but whether SHE WAS OK! I just don't get the whole "If someone is getting hurt, then it's a HILARIOUS VIDEO". Although people share it, I am just not one of the people who laugh at them.
The news channels picking it up is crazy, and it just shows how it works.
So- to make an HILARIOUS VIDEO, Humiliation works pretty well.