Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Do **NOT** Buy My Books!

That's right- do NOT buy my books...


Starting Tomorrow, Thursday September 19th,
For THREE DAYS ONLY, 5 books from my library,
(All written by me)
Will be FREE!

Yup, that's right- FREE KINDLE BOOKS!

And I hope that you'll go grab them, review them, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 
What Kind of Penguin Are You?

Is Your Child a Fun-Loving Penguin? Or A Cute, Cuddly Penguin?
What Kind Of Penguin?
Written by A Professional Children's Performer, "What Kind Of Penguin Are You" is a wonderfully engaging rhyming book that brings you closer to your child as you read it.
The Luckiest Guy: How to Propose, Get Married, and Stay In Love... A Short Guide For A Long Life Together.
I love my wife.
I really love my wife.
I also love Sofia Vergara, Tera Patrick, several other porn stars, glamorous and famous women all over the world, bikini women from rap videos and commercials, and that hot chick from the train this morning.
-But I married my wife.
ACT and GROW RICH- How To Make Money as an Actor WITHOUT a Day Job!
They Laughed at Me When I Quit My Day Job and Told Them I Was Going To Be An Actor, But When They See Me On TV Now...
"You'll be back..." she said, "You haven't even been in anything."
My boss was right- I was leaving without having done any paid shows, but here I was, leaving my safe, secure 9-to-5 job to be an actor.
What was I thinking?
Half-Assed Health: How To Look Good Naked Without Starving, Suffering, or Surgery!
What the hell are you doing?
Most people just want to look good in their clothes, and look SEXY out of them. But so many "gurus" tell you that you have to be at the gym all day, and break your body with ridiculous routines that take up all of your energy and all of your time...
The You Tube Money Machine How To Make Money Online With YouTube Videos
**Updated for 2013- How To Make Money Online With YouTube**
Warning: Jump on this opportunity before it's gone- one STUPID VIDEO can make you THOUSANDS of dollars. Start now-


Keep an eye out for a remindertomorrow, and I hope you ENJOY all of these experiences!
Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,
Bones Rodriguez