Monday, July 09, 2007


"You want fries with that?"

Do you know how to talk?

When we begin our Network Marketing businesses, sometimes it feels weird to TALK.
We are given scripts and exact words to duplicate, and it can feel fake, foreign and phony. Eric Worre said in his training:

"After they see the DVD, just say 'Did you get it?', and see what they say. If they say 'yes', then you say 'Great- are you ready to get started?' if not, then lead them to the next exposure."

It seems Unnatural.

Even as an actor, I actually HATE memorizing scripts, and would MUCH rather be improvisational about my acting AND my business. But then I thought about it differently.

We have franchises; personal franchises. When you order a burger at a burger franchise, someone will ask you "Would you like fries with that?" immediately.

It is fake, foreign and phony.
And it works.

Since we have our own personal franchises, why not just use the scripts, just like they do at McDonald's?

I guess from now on, I'd better brush up on my lines- Thanks Eric!