Saturday, July 07, 2007


Ok, so NOW I get it!

I went away last weekend to ORLANDO for our big "MASTERMIND" weekend, and I had a blast! Not only did I learn SO much, but I met with and partied with a whole big group of people!

And as you now, I like to party.

Here's a pic of me at the 70's party.

I figured I can go shirtless for a little while longer- I AM 35 now... Laura came with me, and I think she NOW understands why I am so excited. I have been writing my Star Trek Book, but I keep thinking about this business when I'm not writing.

Anyway, here's the plan:

1- Show them the DVD
2- Get them to an online event
3- Get them to a ABB or a local event.

Show them to do it too!