Saturday, June 23, 2007


Progressive Commercial...

I had some people ask me to chronicle some of my acting adventures, so I thought I would talk about the commercial auditions I go on, and discuss their marketing.

Today I auditioned for "Progressive Auto Insurance"- They had me hold up a picture of a tow truck :"This represents the number of accidents in Florida", then I held up a Dollar sign next to it. "This represents Progressive's Rates".

"When number of accidents go down" I lowered the tow truck, "Then your insurance rates go down" I lowered the Dollar sign. "That means more money in your pocket".

Good commercial.


Well, I like that they were making their point visually (As I understand it, they want the signs to be lowered on an automatic car window), and it was to the point. It's also a great concept for insurance rates.

However, since I'm a know-it-all, I added at the last line "That means more money in your pocket FOR NEON LIGHTS AND FLAMINGOES"- that's a Florida joke. Not great, but I was adding specificity to the ad.

Will I get it? Who knows- they were looking for a "Zach Branth" or whatever his name is from Scrubs. Do I look like him?

Ah- this is ALSO a crazy business!