Tuesday, June 19, 2007


DOA: Dead or Alive

What the hell is everyone's problem?

This movie was AWESOME.

Very stupid, with awful dialogue, an I've-seen-worse plot, but AWESOME.

Look, here's how I rate movies:

How much did I enjoy watching it?


I enjoyed watching this quite a bit. Hot chicks fighting. What on EARTH else are you looking for?

This is MILES better than Daredevil
LEAGUES better than Elektra
ZILLION times better than the Hulk.

As far as THIS summer goes, it's better than Spider-man 3, better than Pirates 3, and better than Fantastic Four 2.

People keep comparing it to Charlies' Angels 2, and I LOVE that movie!
Maybe I'm just a sucker for hot chicks.

Not that "I've seen worse" is a great endorsement, but DOA was fun, it tried to be funny, and it tried to have a sensible plot. I laughed an AWFUL lot (not necessarily at things that were supposed to be funny), and now I have Eric Roberts in my mind saying:

"Our Nanobots were working OVERTIME with that one"

And by the way, I am now IN LOVE with Jaime Pressly.

DOA= Diggin' Obvious Assets.

DOA= Don't Obfuscate Awesomeness.

DOA= Do Outfits Attract?

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