Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Tough as MORTAR...

Last week I invited one of my customers to TheMoneyMakingParty.com, and she immediately got angry with me:

"All you guys do is promote stuff, and then never help anyone, and then I spend all
this money, and never make anything!"

Well, I was a little taken aback.

"You're ALL SCAMMERS" she said.

But instead of explaining what "Personal Responsibility" meant, I decided to dig a little deeper.

Turns out that she had just bought some "Ebay business marketing package" for $3700 and she was very frustrated. She said that it came with loads of info, but it was too much to digest, and with what she did, she had not made any money at all.

I asked her a bunch of questions, and it sounded like it was a good deal, with a lot of info, but just too much for her to handle.

I then asked her what she did with the product she bought from me for $57.

$3643 dollars less.

She had created a site about smoothies and health products, but really hadn't made any money with that either.

She sent me to the site, and I could see why.

She had done the EASIEST thing to do with my system, which of course SO MANY others had done, so the competition was knocking her out. She couldn't make any money because other people were doing what she was doing, but doing it BETTER.

So, I asked her some more about herself.

At first she got mad and angry when she told me that she has spent a ton of money on work-at-home things- which she called "scams"- but had never turned a profit.

I asked what else she did.

And that's when she said it.

I laughed and had to ask her again.

She said it, and I had to ask for clarification.

She said "Well, I have a hobby of creating mortar garden fountains by hand"


Not only that, but she made them for her friends and neighbors. She loved doing it, and she often went to the store to find different rocks and stones to build them.

SO I asked her the $1 MILLION dollar question:

"If you can do THAT, why on EARTH are you making Websites about SMOOTHIES?"

"..." was her answer.

I told her that what she was doing was a skill that people would LOVE to learn.
Not only that, but they would PAY HER to teach it.
MOREOVER, they would buy books about it, dvds about it, and live advice.
They would even hire her to make them and have them sent.
Then I gave her my BEST secret about what she should do with it.

I explained that THIS is where her business should be.

Mind you, this phone call was almost an hour long, and she got my time for free.

I explained to her how she could use some of the ideas and techniques in the system she got from me to implement her MORTAR FOUNTAIN business.

On top of that- I told her how she could use what she learned in the $3700 course on Ebay for selling her fountains and her skills on Ebay.

She was excited.

I could hear her breathing go from shallow angry breaths to deep, fast breaths.
I could tell her head was swimming with possibilities.

I told her how she could make a TON of money doing what she loved, and that all she had to do was apply what she had spent all this time learning.

I could hear her smile was reaching from ear to ear.

Then she said it.

Bomb #1:

She said "But I don't know anyone who's interested in that"

I told her- "you are- and you cannot be the only one. That's what the internet is FOR- to FIND people who have your passion for the same thing"

Then she said another:


She said "But I couldn't describe how I do it in a book"

I told her- "Sure you can, and you can have someone interview you about it, and you can just talk. You can create ANYTHING around it."

Then she said another. And another. And another.

EXCUSES that were really just her fears.

I had to raise my voice at her!

I told her that HER WEALTH was right in front of her right now, and she was CHOOSING to fail before she even got started.

She recognized it, and smiled big.
Took a deep breath, and said words I LOVE to hear:

"Bones, you're right!"

Hahaha! Jackpot!

She told me she would think about what I said, and maybe get started.

I was thrilled and excited because I was able to help someone who started the conversation by calling me a scammer, and help her find EXACTLY what would make her happy and wealthy.

I even told Laura this story later that day, and I have been thinking about her for a week.

I decided to call her today to see how she had fared, and if I could help her-
Just 'cuz I'm a good guy like that.

Y'know what?

She had done NOTHING.


She told me that she couldn't make a dvd because she didn't have a digital camera.

Oh well.

Another one bites the dust.

At least I know now that it was HER ALL ALONG.

I wish I had a happy ending for this story, but right now, it's just dead.

I certainly hope she chooses differently, and it got me thinking about in what way do I refuse success?

Actually, I think I already know the answer to that.

I gotta go now- I have to go call Steven Spielberg!