Monday, August 17, 2020


Daniel Tiger is trying to rescue children from Trumps' stupidity.

 Look, I'm tired of people making excuses for the fact that the Coronavirus is STILL SPREADING in our "President thinks YouTube doctor is smarter than established experts" country.

Aside from calling my science-skeptic friends idiots, I haven't done much about it aside from work on taking care of my kids.

Thankfully, Daniel Tiger and PBS take their work seriously, and know how important they can be in a child' life.

So, they have taken it upon themselevs to make a special Daniel Tiger episode about mask wearing and COVID-19. It airs today, and I'm about to sit down with my kids to watch it.

Look up your local listings, or watch it on the PBS app- even if you don't have kids.

Click here to go to PBS KIDS to learn more about the special episode

Ok, bye.