Thursday, September 19, 2019


Look! I'm in the latest "I Love New York" TV Commercial!

Talk about residual income...

This footage was shot like 2 years ago, but they wanted to use the footage again this year for a different ad. So they paid me AGAIN- Isn't that nice? I'm ziplining at 14seconds in- Enjoy!

I've been a commercial actor for almost 20 years now. Crazy how I went from "out of college" guy to "Older dad". I does NOT seem like it has been that long!

And it's all because I chose to MAKE MONEY FROM HOME instead of waiting tables, walking dogs, o watching babies like my other actor friends.

Of course, now I am with my own kids all the time, but they're still too young for me to take them ziplining!

If you'd like to make money from home too, in your own business where you get paid residually, then..