Thursday, November 02, 2017


NEW Star Wars TRAILER: The Last Jedi "Awake"

Y'know what? This look awesome.

The last beat was really cool, and reminiscent of... well... I'll let you watch it first:

I think it's really damn cool how the same set pieces, faces, and themes come up,
but they SEEM to keep making new stories.

I will be able to go see this during the week, while everyone else is at work and school, and I'm sure I'll go again with my friends who can only go at night.

Why? Because I don't have a JOB!

Anyway, I'm more of a Star TREK guy, but that's just because it's more for adults than Star Wars. It's Science fiction versus Science Fantasy. If you like the Fantasy stuff, then WARS is your deal. Science, and big ideas? The Trek.

But of course, they are both great, and I LOVE STAR WARS too.

Just not as much.

Let's hope this is great! I want to take my kids to see some of this stuff soon!