Saturday, October 21, 2017


Actors- Stop Waiting Tables, and Stop Waiting for a Miracle!

I kinda stopped spreading this message a while ago.

Because most actors don't want to hear it.

I am an actor, and have been without a day job for over 15 years. I have made over $400,000 acting and have 2 kids who get health insurance through SAG, and I just shot a commercial and a co-star.

But guess what?

I couldn't live on just my acting income.

So what the hell am I talking about?

Well, let me ask you this- Don't you think it's easier to pursue an acting career if you get paid WITHOUT trading your time for money?

Duh, right?

So, that's what I have learned to do, and teach others to do it.

It's simple, but so many other people would rather wait tables, and FAIL like 99% of actors out there.

I dont know why, but I made this video, and for those of you who want something different, here's your chance to prove it to yourself:

Like I said- NO day job in over 15 years now. I made this video years ago.

If you want to make a change, and create the life you SAY you want, this solution helped me.

Or, you can wait tables, wait to be discovered, and wait for a miracle.

I say, you take my advice, learn something NEW and go for it- you'll be glad you did!