Wednesday, May 03, 2017


ACTORS: "OMG, What Do You WANT?!"

Hey Actor!


She was yelling at me,
and I was surrounded by other people
yelling at me, asking the same question.

So now I ask you:


I know what you'll SAY you want:

it's all the same thing- MORE of whatever
you feel they don't have enough of:

- You want a NEW car, because your old car is not good enough

- You want to play an "important" role in an "important" film.

- You want to write an "unforgettable" play

- You want to be a CELEBRITY

- You want to be considered a "GREAT ACTOR"

- You want people to want your autograph

- You want a JET PLANE that whisks you away

- You want to make money without a day job

- You want a TONY, and OSCAR, a GRAMMY!

- You want hot chicks/dudes to fawn all over you 
and want to fuck your brains out. (is that just me?)

But here's my question for you....


I ask again because you don't actually want those things.

No- you really don't.

You want the FEELINGS that you think those things will give you.

And you're right- they will give you those
feelings- because you have decided that they will.

But I have some good news, and some bad news...

The bad news first:

The feeling that you are longing for won't last.

It will be over almost as fast as it comes, and then
VERY soon afterwards, you'll want another.

Or you'll hate the fact that you got it.

Or you'll think you actually don't deserve it.

It won't be enough.

But here's the good news:

You can actually SKIP THE LINE ahead of
everyone else who is trying to get that feeling
by creating near impossible goals to achieve them,

You can "Hack" your way to the feelings you want.

And all you have to do is realize that the FEELING
you want is generated by YOU.

YOU generate your own feelings.

YOU get to give yourself the accolades, the awards,
the "importance", and the SIGNIFICANCE.

Because even if you did get those things that you
think will give you the feelings.... it's YOU who
set up that game.

"So what, you won an Emmy- a TONY is where it's at!"

"So what you won a Tony- an OSCAR Is where it's at!"

Etc, Etc. Etc.

The audiences will NEVER clap loud enough
to silence the critics inside of you.

Identify the feelings you want.

Is it Significance?

Is it Self-Worth?

Is it Self-Esteem and pride?

Is it Confidence?

Whatever thing you want, you can identify the
FEELING that you think it will bring you.

Then face the fact that you don't already feel that way.

So- if I think wining an Oscar will make me feel like
some Big-Shot, then I must acknowledge that I want
to feel like a Big-Shot, because I DON'T feel like one now.

So- WHY do I want to feel like a Big-Shot?

What do I WANT from feeling like a Big-Shot?



Well, since I know that even getting those things won't
make me feel that way..

(because I used to think having cool sneakers or
the right jeans would make me feel that way, and they didn't)

Then how about you just CHOOSE to give
yourself those feelings NOW?

"But I don't deserve them!"

No- you don't!


Did you know that James Cameron thinks his movies
are terrible? JAMES CAMERON!!!

So, who the hell are you to think that you deserve to
feel great?

Then again- Why not?

Here's a quick exercise (and I know this is turning
into a long email, but I want to get this out for you!)

Think of someone you love.

Someone you love a lot.

Don't you wish they could have the feelings
they want?

Would you let them have them if it were up to you?

Well, it IS up to you for yourself...


So- I ask you again:


Whatever it is- You already HAVE it-