Sunday, March 26, 2017


How To Become An Actor, Get Acting Jobs, and Never Have A Day Job Again!

This is going to seem like a roundabout way to learn this, but the ideas in this video changed my acting career, and my life.

They taught me to BUY the ONE thing that rich people buy, and once I understood, I was able to pursue my acting career without "waiting tables, walking dogs, or watching babies." and THAT helped me be a full-time actor and earn over $400,000 in SAG.

Take this video seriously, and after watching it, share it and continue. 
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"There are two kinds of actors: those who bring the check to the table, and those who get the check in the mail" says Rodriguez, "Which do you want to be?".

A full-time New York actor, his career has consisted of very little television and film acting, but between the New York stage, live improvisation, and dozens of commercials, he has been a successful actor for over a decade.

And has earned over $400,000 from SAG.

All without ever having a day job.

In addition to answering questions about how to pay for life while pursuing an acting career, the webinar also covers finding an agent, and viewing an acting career as an acting business.

One of the most surprising facts explored during the No More Waiters presentation is that by being free of a day job, it's easier to get an agent, find acting auditions, and get acting work, a fact that few actors are aware of.

It's a well-known idea that actors are always looking for ways to make money, but Rodriguez insists that waiting tables, babysitting, doing temp work, and other survival jobs for actors are inferior ways to get money.

Instead, the webinar consists of ways to make money for actors that are not jobs, like affiliate marketing, blogging, publishing, and other internet-leveraged opportunities. This kind of work doesn't get in the way of getting agency work, acting auditions or becoming an actor. When you make money without a day job, it's easier to become an actor.

The full agenda of this informative webinar for actors also includes:

  • -Bones Rodriguez's path from "Sad regionals to SAG residuals" 
  • -How to stop trading time for money, how to find agents, and how to be a full-time actor. 
  • -How To Become Free From The "Starving Artist" Mindset and Take Control Of The Artist Life.. 
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