Sunday, March 05, 2017


How To Be A Successful Actor- Your FIRST Three Steps!

This great video is by Lisa Gold, who is pretty much a Goddess of helping actors get their careers moving and making money!

Most actors join the profession to act, but what they don't realize os that it's a BUSINESS, and you have to treat it like one.

But what does THAT mean?

It's something that we are NEVER taight in school, and that's why so many actors fail and quit so quickly thinking it's their "lack of talent", or some other such incorrect thing.

Without going to school for acting, I have made over $400,000 as a SAG actor because of learning about the BUSINESS of being an actor instead of relying on my talent for it.

I have learned a ton from Lisa, and I have bought ALL of her courses too.

I'm sharing this video series for the people who are actually going to do something with the information.

Remember: "The Difference Between What You HAVE and What You WANT is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE"

Watch below, and then click the button under the video for more!