Thursday, February 09, 2017


Intolerant Liberals- By Tucker Fitzgerald

I recently read an article on Medium that I thought was so good, I had to make a video of it so more people would read it/hear it. 

Sometimes I just run with an idea.

Even though it is sometimes futile, I think a true open-minded conservative will understand this video, and the distinctions the writer is making between the grievances of both sides:

The article itself is here: INTOLERANT LIBERALS

I get into it with a lot of people on facebook, since I am friends with a lot of "Home business" people, who are a lot of middle America.

They often just repeat the memes that they hear without thinking about them, and the conservative mems are far better than the liberal ones because they are less smart. They travel better. 

While liberals are busy being clever, the conservatives go for the "gut reaction", and even when they make no sense, hit the spot they are intended to.

This article is also brainy, but by making the video, I hope that more people will see/read how good it is.