Wednesday, January 04, 2017


The New 2nd Avenue Subway and Th Holiday Train Show!

Whoa, I mean talk about a CLASSY train station!

We took a trip today to see the new subway line, and to see The Holiday Train show in Grand Central Station:

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The 2nd avenue subway line was supposed to be built lik.... EONS ago, and the people on the East side have needed it desperately.

When I lived on the east side for a minute, going on the 6 train was TORTUROUS because of the crowding. You often had to wait for 2 or three trains to go before you could get on.

I'm sure the East siders are thrilled.

And teh Holiday Train show is super cute.

It's really just a small exhibit (though very nice) inside a store at Grand Central Station.
People come to see the exhibit, and BUY MORE TRAIN STUFF.

See how that works?

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