Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Are Their Jobs Really Gone? Maybe Not.

I learned something about sales watching Trump this year.

He told people what they wanted to hear, and they bought it.

Knowing full well that the manual labor jobs of the past are
gone (because they are either being done by people for far less or
by machines for free), they bought the idea anyway:

"We'll bring those jobs back" he said... 

And they bought it.

"It wasn't the racism," they said, "It was the economy"
despite that the science clearly says it was the racism, they
believe that this was just about "bringing the jobs back"

Because that's what they wanted to believe,
and the facts don't matter.


There might be another set of facts.

The U.S. has moved into more of an intellectual economy,
where you don't need to create anything, but you can sell anything.

And selling is how you make money.

It's not the children who are forced to make the sneakers who make the money-
It's the people in the sales system.

And in the New economy,
if you are part of the sales system, then you make the money.

8 people now own as much wealth as half the world.

But it's not because they make something.

It's because they SELL something.

And while the coasts are full of people who work
for big companies in big buildings,

A lot of those "fly over" states are full of small business people
who know what it means to have to sell things for a living.

People who know to jump on an opportunity to make
a change in their lives for the better quickly.

There's a reason that most home business owners are
found throughout the country rather than in big cities.

It's where the action-takers live instead of the egg-heads.

There has been a huge spike in internet opportunities
to sell all sorts of things online, and systems that provide
most of the parts you need to make a living at home.

There has been a spike in millionaires that are not
coming out of silicon valley, or nerds behind a
wall of programming language.

Instead, these are simple, regular folks who are
using the computers that had put them out of a job...

To make much more money than they ever had before.

They have turned the tables, and let the computers
do the work, while they own the system.

and the owners get paid.

Hillary and the Democrats spent their time and energy on jobs bills
and education bills that would help the fly over states' future economy:

"We'll get higher education affordable for everyone so that you
can be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow" they said.

"We'll get training for you, so you can have the high-value jobs that
will be a part of the computer work force instead of leaving you
unskilled and uncompetitive on the world stage"

And the people hated them for it.

"We don't want your education" they said, because
they see how the game is even rigged against the
college graduates.

So, just like they are used to- they are pulling themselves
up by online bootstrap businesses in droves.

Some people decide to get started now before
the inspiration fades, or losing out on the opportunities.

They might choose something like a commission
system that deposits money into their paypal.

Others a more general program that teaches the basics
of making money online.

And what's surprising is that it's across all gender lines,
and even racial barriers to entry seem to fall away.

Tracey Walker is a single black mother
who has found amazing success after getting started
with http://www.KalatuWeb.com and has gone on
to make six figures in her spare time.

John Ochs is a family man whose son needed
a radical medical procedure, and he was able to rise
above and create the income his family needed also
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Tai Lopez, someone who was a self-proclaimed dead broke
loser began teaching people what he learned after reading
a book a day, and has helped transform people's lives
through his online mentorship program.

62 million Americans bought into the idea that this
"great businessman" was going to "bring the jobs back"
and save them.

But what they didn' realize is how many of them would
step up and save themselves by taking action now, and showing
that True American spirit.

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