Monday, December 19, 2016


Watch Out For These 7 Psychological Principles of Scam Artists (Trump Edition)

"Hey- you're not trying to hustle me, are you?"

If you are ever playing pool, and you hear this- run away.

THEY are the hustler.

They want to get you to bet on the game, and then take all of your money by accusing you first. The logic goes "If they are accusing me, they must be trustworthy"


"Hey- you're not trying to rig this election, are you?"

"Watch this election- it's rigged!"

Sound Familiar?

This is just one well-known con artist scam, but here are the seven principles that con artists use to gain your confidence (where the word "con-man" comes from), trust, and obedience.

And these seven principles evolve over time, and in today's cyber-warfare world, it's time to pay attention and proceed with caution.

1. Distraction

They use whatever loud, distracting mechanism they can to make the victim lose focus and place their attention on the thing they want you to:

  • "What's That!" And while you turn your head, they pick your pocket
  • Hot chick walk by and talk to you while they scan your credit card
  • Send out a ridiculous tweet, and you forget that he hasn't released his taxes
2. Social compliance

They exploit the tendency for people to comply with authority figures, so they might:

  • Dress up as a police officer, so they can enter your home and steal from you. 
  • Wear a suit, and yell to pretend to be an important businessman
  • Or behave like a TV star so they can grab your pussy

3. Herd principle

People are behave like a herd- they do whatever everyone around them is doing.

  • A crowd of people around a card game pretend to be excited to play, and it makes the victim excited too.
  • Creating fake profiles, "likes" and "shares" in order to fool the victim into thinking something is important or to falsify information.
  • Creating fake sound bytes and getting people to chant them like "Lock her up", or "Build a wall" even though the con man has no intention of ever doing anything like that.
  • People like us always vote Republican, no matter how terribly that has worked out for us

4. Dishonesty

Making false contradictory statements and letting the victim choose what is true, which forms trust based ion the fear of being wrong.

  • I am a wealthy Nigerian prince, but I need your $5,000 to get my millions
  • I am God, but I need a starship to escape my prison in the middle of the galaxy
  • "I love the blacks, Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, but needs Law and Order, Your lives are a mess, What do you have to lose?"
  • I'm going to bring back those jobs, and innovation is the future

5. Deception

People go along with their expectations, and don't see the irregularities. 

  • My boyfriend is threatening to beat me up, and I just need a place to sleep tonight; I'd be so grateful if I could stay with you.
  • I'm taking over for the waitress, I'll take your credit card and run it for you now.
  • Crazy tweet after crazy tweet, racist, xenophobic, and underhanded scandals  until it becomes normal, and then expected, so you never see the real threats.

6. Need and greed

The more desperate people are, the easier they are to con.

  • I know your family is depending on you selling this cow, but I've got MAGIC BEANS for sale that will save you.
  • People who are desperate to escape their situations or countries because of war or violence often end up sex slaves on the black market from people who said they would help
  • The poor and uneducated are told that God will help them from the very peopl taking their money and preventing them from getting an education
  • "The immigrants are stealing your jobs, but I'll get rid of them"

7. Time pressure

When people are forced to decide quickly, they often skip thinking.

  • "Buy it now- I have other people waiting to move it tomorrow"
  • Jesus is coming soon- give your life to Jesus
  • Allah will judge you soon- Kill the infidels!
  • "This is your last chance to Make America Great Again!"

The thing is, all Human beings all fall for lies and scams of one sort or another, but what was interesting is that often, even after the con has been proven to be a scam, some people hold on to the belief EVEN HARDER.

For example- whenever a doomsday cult's doomsday passes without the world ending, they RECRUIT EVEN HARDER!

Also, despite Conald Trump telling lie after lie, and being a rich New York City elite snob his entire life, over 60 million people were conned into thinking that he would fight for them.

Even now, as his appointments are riddled with Washington lobbyists and personal friends who have already steered the coffers into their own pockets for decades, there are poor people in bumfuck America waiting for him to make them great.

While Conald Trump is being manipulated by Vladimir Putin, the cyber attacks on the US Government is just the beginning. Russia will be coming after our private citizens as well.

If you want to know more about the privacy war that's coming, there's a great video on this page that tells a very complicated, but scary story- CLICK HERE TO SEE.

On the positive side, aybe the Democrats will learn to fight dirty too!