Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The Problem With Money And Sales

The Problem With Money and Sales...

Ok- I know people think I'm this MASTER SALESMAN and shit, but the thought makes me so uncomfortable and creeped out.

People say "Oh, you're such a salesman" and I get insulted,
mostly because I've had trouble generating SALES when people tell me that.

They say that right before they say "No" grin emoticon

So, it's been a struggle for about 20 years now.

I know it doesn't seem like it from your perspective, but if you saw how
many books and audios I've gotten to LEARN to be OK with making money,
you'd realize that I'have spent THOUSANDS on trying to change that.

I'm the guy who has come up with the ideas, plans, and strategies,
but then haven't implemented them because I didn't want to "take"
someone's money.

I was going to write a book on this topic called "Mad at Money"
because in my experience, money is always what has STOPPED
me from doing anything I wanted to.

It's like "Hey! Let's do this awesome thing!" oh wait... 
HOW MUCH is it?

Oh- hell no.

We can't do that- FUCKING MONEY!!!
Always getting in our way of LIFE!

Do you ever feel that way?
For me, Money is what PREVENTS people from
living- If you don't have money, you can't EAT.

That you had better GRAB IT, or someone will GRAB IT from you.

So, it seems like Money is to blame.

But, reading some Neale Donald Walsch, Kiyosaki, and other people,
I was asking myself about assumptions all the time.

"I assume that is true, but what if the OPPOSITE is true?"

So- Is it true that religion is what brings people together?
What if religion is what SEPARATES us? Hmmm.....

And I asked myself to argue the opposite point about Money:
That what if Money is the reason you CAN do everything?

That instead of being what PREVENTS fun, it is actually what

What if Money actually HELPS people enjoy life, and all they have to do
is GIVE IT in order to live more. Not GRAB IT, but GIVE IT.

Well, yeah, yeah, I know about Tithing, and keeping it circulating,
blah, blah, blah.

But no- What if Money is the EXCHANGE of energy, and
we just use these tickets to measure it?

So, if I bend over backwards for my students, that's MONEY
I'm GIVING to them in the form of my energy.

And all they have to do is give me a few pieces of PAPER?

To GET all of THIS energy? Well, lucky them!!

And ALL someone has to do to get coaching from someone
who "Can't Hide HAPPY" is to give her some paper?

But why would they? You have to GIVE IT TO THEM FIRST.

They can't decide that on just a little blurb on a webpage.
They need to experience MORE so they can GET more from you,
so they WANT to GIVE more to you in return.

Something that helped me understand this for myself hit me like
a train recently...

A comedian wants to get paid for shows,
and they want to make people laugh, right?

In order to do that he's got to tell jokes... 
BEFORE he gets the laughs.

I was walking around the house saying:
"Gotta tell jokes BEFORE you get laughs!"

He must tell A LOT of jokes BEFORE the laughs come, and only
when he gets a LOT of laughs, and GIVES many, many jokes,
do people start to give him money to see MORE Jokes.

So- if you want people to give you money for their health, wealth,
and happiness- you've got to GIVE it to them FIRST.

"But then if I give it, why would they pay for it?"
They pay for MORE of it.
They pay for MORE Jokes.
They pay for MORE of you. They pay for more of YOU.

So- I give away teleseminars, dreams, tips, videos,
and people BUY the "more".

In fact, this whole thing I just wrote for you, I'm going to make
available to people- because they want MORE.
and I want to GIVE MORE.

So- THANK YOU!!!!!
For asking for more, and allowing me to GIVE you more.