Thursday, December 11, 2014


What I Learned With Mike Dillard's Money

I have waited long enough.

I have been wanting to tell people about this experience for a while, but Mike Dillard and Curt Maly kept saying that we should do it "sometime".

Well, I hate waiting, so I wrote it out.

I think they might get mad, but I hope not:

I wrote an 18-page report detailing the story of how I won Mike Dillard's Coaching program contest, and $1,000 of his money to test my online business.

I was super excited because along with the money came a special ad campaign created by Curt Maly, the newest facebook advertising Guru.

I learned a ton from him, but my business didn't make me a millionaire like I thought it would.

So, here's the full story: