Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Tough Love... Extra on the Tough.

Dear Actor...

Some of you will unsubscribe after reading this,
but that's great- if you don't like it, I hope you do:

Some people will quit acting this year.

Some people have quit already,
but they don't even realize it.

I'm about to test YOU...

Lisa Gold is offering a great video download package
on her website, and I'm telling you to buy it now.

Sometimes I make a commission with a recommendation,
but you should get this because I just think it's fantastic.

Don't even bother reading the rest of this letter,
Go get this RIGHT NOW:

Now, here's how I know if YOU'RE about to quit
acting, or already have but don't know it:

You didn't even go see the webpage I just sent you to.

You didn't just buy the Lisa Gold Video package
despite the fact that I probably have a better
career than you do, and I bought it and am recommending it.

If you are still hemming and hawing, yet have bought
the latest trinket or gone for beers or are looking to
buy some other bullshit instead, you are going to quit.

So- If you didn't just buy that package, I know you
aren't a professional, and are about to quit if you
haven't already.

And y'know what? I'm ok with that-


This is probably the most "harsh" email you'll ever get
from me, but I want you to know the truth- I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED,
and I think Lisa's package will help you no matter where you are
in your career.