Sunday, June 22, 2014


How Actors Are Quitting Their Day Jobs

How This Actor Quit His Day Job

I made this video the other day because I found a very cool new software product that helped me make a few changes and VIOLA! I had a new animated video!

The point is that Being an Actor kinda sucks.

Not Acting- Acting is fun, and expressive, and wonderful.

But, being an actor can be a headache- trying to find gigs, trying to find PAYING gigs, and in the meantime finding a day job, and then being tired from working to actually be an artist.

It's a pain in the ass.

But when you make money online, then you get to choose your hours, and you can STOP working for someone else, and instead Quit Your Day Job!

If you're an actor and want to Quit Your Day Job, you can do that HERE.

If you want to make cool videos like this, then you can do that HERE

Either way, I'm going back to napping, after last night's show, I'm kinda sleepy :-)