Friday, May 16, 2014


Get "No More Waiters" for FREE- Until Sunday

I'm on vacation, but wanted to do something special for you guys while I was on the beach.
See, I've been trying to get people to buy, learn, and then ACT on the information in "No More Waiters" and start a side or online business so they can be free instead of being wage slaves, and eventually giving up their dreams of being a full-time artist.
You see, I think an artist needs to be FREE to create, and I've seen too many great actors, dancers, and other artists give up because they had "temporary" DAY JOBS that took over thier lives.
I get it- we all need to eat.
But I have been trying to get people to start their own side business the wrong way.
Instead of having them buy "No More Waiters" and then learn from it, and then ACT on it, I'm going to do the opposite.
For a few days, I'm going to experiment.
You see, when you GET STARTED with our blogging platform, you'll instantly HAVE a business platform where you can sell anything.
Then, since you already chose to ACT, then I can help you LEARN at the same time while you are buying assets and MAKING MONEY.
So, for the next 20 people (actually, 3 are already gone) or until Sunday (whichever is first), I will GIVE AWAY a copy of "No More Waiters" along with the "No Day Job Actor Blogging Blueprint" recorded seminar.

So, when you SIGN UP HERE, I'll send you a copy.
Simple as that.
You ACT, and then I INVEST in you with a free copy.
I suggest you GO FOR IT RIGHT NOW before other people beat you to it.
I'm going to the beach now!

Get "No More Waiters" for FREE- Until Sunday: