Thursday, April 24, 2014


The "Online Business" Con- Sell everything BUT the solution.

There is a pattern I've been noticing in the world of Online Marketing.

Someone will do whatever they can to sell you everything BUT the actual solution to your problem.

I recently sent this to a company who makes some GREAT stuff, but doesn't seem to actually ever get around to offering the solution they say they do:

****WARNING** This email may just be a result of my own frustration:

I took the tests, paid for the 37 one and the 97 one... whereas it seems that the tests simply expose the issues that need help (and they are interesting), the actual SOLUTIONS doesn't seem to be anywhere.

And yet, there seems to be a whole lot of products available for purchase... how many do you need to offer?
When you have so many it seems like you actually DON'T have any solutions.

(If everything is "The only thing you need", then why do you have so many?)

If I came here looking for help in creating holes in my wall, sell me a DRILL.
Instead, your site seems to be about everything BUT a drill:

Free Report: "How to create a hole in your wall" that just describes how great holes are...
"Teaching people to create holes is my PASSION"... "Don't you want a hole?"

YES, I do.. that's why I got your report.

"Great! Then Try our GREAT products, at varying prices:

1- A test to see what kind of hole you need! (Only if you actually want one)
2- A test to see what kind of of hole maker you are! (Find out why you don't have holes in your life!)
3- A Book about several people who have made holes (You can be like them too- when you get our products!)
4- Classes that focus on the benefits of holes, what you can do with them, and WHY you are a hole-wanter. (A Mastermind for hole-wanters, so we can support each other!)

and $1000 dollars later, I still don't have a DRILL.

So, I have almost lost all of my faith in your website because it seems to follow this pattern.
It's not that the tests aren't interesting, and the various colors, logos, and mascots are too, but I want a DRILL.

Are you able to sell someone a DRILL? If not, please stop baiting me with your offerings.

That's kinda harsh, but if you kno what I mean, don't stand for it- let them know, and please SHARE this.