Thursday, February 13, 2014


Actors vs. Crew- Who Works Harder?

Actors vs. Crew- A Weird Relationship

There's a stereotype about the crew and actors not really understanding each other. The Actors often feel like the lighting and minutiae of the technical aspects get in the way of the performance, and the Crew often feel like the actors are just whiny, babyfied talking furniture.

This might settle the debate...

Actors vs. Crew- Who Works Harder? (Entreperformers) - YouTube: "

For me, I like to do the best I can, and allow them to do their best. Sometimes I resent the time that the crew can take setting up, but then feeling like I'm not afforded the same time to rehearse or get to use the same amount of time for takes. The opposite happens of course too.

Ultimately though, when you're thinking like an ENTREPERFORMER, you come to realize that every piece of the puzzle is important to finish the vision of the director. It's up to the director (and producers of course) what is more important, and we are all working for the same end project.