Saturday, November 09, 2013


An actor walks into a deli at 2am

Right now, I'm at a deli in Brooklyn at 2am after being at a high energy Tony Robbins seminar all day.
Because I was booked to do a scene for a trailer for an indie film...

As an Indian deli owner.

The actual deli owner is Egyptian, and thought that I was too... "Ah-lan" he says (not in any way the correct spelling), and since I've encountered this before, I tell him I'm not Egyptian.

He is slightly disappointed.

But I've been practicing my Indian accent by watching some clips on YouTube, and I'm ready for my scene.
And am super tired.

And then after this shoot, which will probably go into the morning, I will go back to the next day of the seminar.

And the next morning, be up early for a kids show... In Brooklyn.

Someone asked me "Why the hell are you doing all of that?"

The answer is: Because I want to, and more importantly, I want to BE the person who does that.
Instead of being upset about the schedule, I'm grateful that I'm wanted so much!

Is there a better answer?