Tuesday, October 08, 2013


What Kind of OWL Book- Sneak (B)eak!

My first kids book, "What Kind Of Penguin Are You" is doing well on Amazon and in print, and it's getting some great reviews.
I really love it, and in it I tease an upcoming "What Kind Of Owl Are You" book, and I thought I'd improve on the formula a bit by getting a better artist who draws by hand.
Here are 2 of the new OWLS that will be in the book:
Dentist Owl

Firefighter Owl
As you can see, the drawings are done by hand this time, and a little more intricate.

I hope you tell your friends to join the mailing list, because when it debuts, I'll be giving it away for a few days first- KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT!