Monday, October 14, 2013


Video 2 is up, and it's SUPER fun!

What does HE-MAN have to do with Blogging?

If you haven't seen the "Blog Beast" videos yet, #2 just went live, and it's super fun.

But when HE-MAN showed up, I have to say... it brought a lightness to my heart!

I really enjoyed Video #1, and it made me think that I didn't have to
be so damn SERIOUS and "Know-it-all" ish to give people some great
information and help them.

Wait Until You See Video 2 (click below to watch)

If tyou're wondering if it's legit, just check it out, and see for yourself;
you have nothing to lose, and the video is DAMN FUN TO WATCH.

It's packed full of fight and chase scenes... EVEN PARKOUR!
wild twists and turns... and the Daves end up 
in a very DANGEROUS situation that they
never expected to be in!

Video 2 is LIVE!!! Watch It Below, Now.

And wait until you see HE-MAN!!!