Saturday, August 17, 2013


OMG- Prince jams a 10-minute "She's Always In My Hair", and now I think I'm moving to Denmark


I've been a big Prince fan from the 80's, and straight through even when he stopped calling himself that, to now. Recently though, I've also become a big PHISH fan, and really love the experience of their instrumental jams, and improvisational riffs on their own songs.

To see PRINCE do a 10-minute jam of one of my favorite songs is just pure JOY for me:
Watch this video while you can, I'm pretty sure it'll be taken down at some point.

3RDEYEGIRL - She's Always In My Hair (The Beautiful Experience - Aarhus, Denmark. Aug 7/2013) - YouTube: ""

On YouTube the comments are all about wanting a great full-length PRINCE concert movie, and whether or not fans would buy it. I have to admit that I think they would, but it would need to be an independent release, and I'm not so sure Warner would allow it.

And that's why more and more people will pirate stuff! Yay for a broken system!

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