Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex- AMEN!!!

I can't possibly "like" this short essay enough to express how much I agree with this writer.
I'm not a daddy to a daughter, but I wish this for all the women of the world.

As someone who has sex with women (although lately, only one... which is great...great), I was always confused when someone would want to prevent a woman from their enjoyment of being with me.

I know, it sounds crazy egotistic, and I can even say that not all of them were that blown away (but most were), I sincerely don't know why even women would continue this backwards idea that women should be trying to prevent their own sharing of sex.
I get it that women can get pregnant, and they need to be more careful than men do, but really- when will we drop this whole "women as sexual property" thing? It's one of those ideas that no longer applies, but we keep perpetuating it. Anyway, this guy does a better job than I do:

Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex — The Good Men Project:

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