Sunday, January 20, 2013


For the Parents I know...

I watched my friend crying at the end of Les Miz, and thought to myself:
How fascinating it is to imagine...
A piece of me has left, and now it turns around, looks back at me, and calls me Daddy.
-And I love it.
But that’s not all. It’s also the realization that what I created wasn’t just my own, but my wife’s too. And her own mommy and daddy, and my own mommy and daddy.
Am I just them, looking back at themselves? Do they love it as much? More?
But even more fascinating to me is that- We are all just parts of ourselves and eachother, looking back, marvelling and quarrelling about, kissing and missing... ourselves.
And the Trees, the Oceans, and the Mountains that we came out of watch us look back at them;
and the Planet looks at the trees, oceans and mountains and says “That is me, and now they are looking back at me- and I love them”.
And the stars look at the planets, and the galaxies at the stars.
And they cry with joy, knowing that love is never-ending, because we are just us, looking at ourselves, from the stars, wanting our happiness, and willing to give everything of ourselves to give it to...