Saturday, September 11, 2010


9 Years Later...

Another one of my absolute favorites. I'm pretty down on our country right now, feeling that we've learned absolutely nothing in the last 9 years, but I'm glad you took the time to make this message today.

My apartment was full that day; people couldn't go home, so they came to my place as we made food and stayed in front of the television. I was asleep, and the phone wouldn't stop ringing. Back then I still had a landline. I answered the phone, and Rick told me to "turn on the TV".

"Dude- I'm sleeping"
"Bones- Some planes just crashed into the twin towers"
"huh...? Was it an accident?
"Ok, I'll turn on the- Oh my God- LESLIE! She lives down there..."
"Can I come to your place?"
"Yeah, of course- bring whoever. Where's Dave?"
"I don't know, I called you first."
"My phone's been ring... someone's on the other line; ok- come over."

I was answering the phone non-stop; more and more people were asking if they could walk over, since there was no getting through downtown. Laura and I had been hooking up, but after that, I don't think she ever left. I was suddenly proud of myself for being someone people felt they could call. It felt ridiculous to have that thought while everyone was crying in silence.

Then the people started jumping, and eventually the whole thing came down.

Leslie was apparently caught in one of those ash clouds, but she made it out ok.

Across the world, that's everyday for some people.
Because someone else's God said so.

And Gays cause Earthquakes and shouldn't marry because someone else's God said so.
And Jews are put in camps because someone else's God said so.
And Muslim Taxi Cab Drivers are stabbed because someone else's God said so.

And Our God says we should be free-
unless you want to build a community center if you're God is different.

And Our God says you should earn from your own sweat-
unless we want your oil, and you're God is different.

And it seems like the only time we DO get along is when we make money together,
so maybe we oughtta sponsor all the politicians, and place people from different
faiths in their group, and then we won't need to talk about faith in God when what we
really mean is faith in money.