Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Genius Frakkin' Marketing

Ok, so "The Old Spice Guy" thing is working BIG TIME. However, FINALLY, a big company has realized that social media is a TWO-WAY conversation, and that just making ads that you post on facebook is not correct- in fact, it's WRONG.

I have been saying it for about two years now, but these guys are doing it BIG TIME, and were smart enough to engage celebrities with big followings.

So, now Old Spice has taken "The Old Spice Guy", and is doing what I wanted to do in Miami but multiplied it by a million- Observe GENIUS marketing, and then watch Alyssa Milano REALLY show them up:

This is where they misstep, and got lazy-
And now HERE's the Checkmate from her:

NOW I wanna see what they do next!!