Sunday, June 06, 2010


Bronx High School Reunion

I went to my 20-Year High School Reunion, and had a great time!
This is me with some of the girls, and then with one of my great friends Jesse, also known as the web-sensation "Jeskid":

Now, let me start by saying that we went to a "Specialized" high school- no, not for the slow, but for the "gifted" for math and science. So, we're all super-geniuses. That's first.
However, one of the things that struck me was how few of us were actually in the sciences now, and how many of us weren't necessarily working towards world-domination.

(At least, none of us SAID we were...)

However- and Laura had to point it out to me- almost everyone was a professional of one sort or another. There was definitely a sense of "future" for just about everyone there, and it was kinda assumed. A lot of people had seen me on "The Marriage Ref", and I got made fun of quite a bit for it, but it was all in fun. The reason I decided to share this with you is that these are the super-geniuses of the world, molded for math and science, and yet, so few of us were pursuing it- why do you think that is?