Monday, February 08, 2010


Big Al tells it like it is...

I'm on "Big Al" Schrieter's email list, and there are some days I really like it, and some days not so much. For the most part,l I usually find something worth keeping, and I put it into my "mlm" folder. Today, he wrote something I REALLY liked, and I want to pass it on:

"Are you a walking "bad advertisement" for your business?

"Every day the ant works all day. Every hour the ant is busy. And in the end what happens?"

"Someone steps on him."

Many network marketers work their business every free hour they have. Weeknights, weekends, holidays, family reunions, wedding receptions, every event is an opportunity to pass out business cards, catalogs, brochures, audios and . . .

What's happening?

These network marketers are working all day, just like the ant. They are so busy with activities, they fail to see the big picture or real goal. We just hope these networkers don't get stepped on like the ant.

Here is a point of view that networkers should consider:

1. If you spend all your free time building your business, what is your prospect going to see? Your prospect will avoid joining your business because he doesn't want to spend every waking hour networking.

2. If you advertise how network marketing gives you time and money freedom, yet you work your business every waking hour, doesn't something feel wrong with this picture?

3. And what about all this activity? Networking should be simple. If all we have to do is sponsor a few people and build them into leaders, then what's all this other activity about?

4. Would a balanced, happy life attract more prospects?

We are living advertisements for network marketing. We should be careful what our advertising says.

What does your advertising say? "

BOOM. I was taught to work my business ALL THE TIME, and right now, as I'm working for someone else, it makes me a great worker and a great example in the company- but it certainly doesn't make me a good example for the networker lifestyle.

But think about this- If you DID work your business all the time, I'll bet your sponsor would be happy about it- They might even reward you for it, but remember this- Your sponsor does NOT care about your life success- just your MLM business' success.

I am going to try to remember to be the example of FUN I want to be in my businesses from now on!