Saturday, February 27, 2010


Are Haiti and Chile collecting on a tithe we owe?

I read a lot of "Spiritual Success" books, and all of them say that giving is the way to increase your luck and prosperity. They also talk about tithing and giving to charity as a way to show your gratitude to the Universe, and that when you don't, that the Universe often collects with bad luck anyway.

Don't tithe or give, and you'll find that the Universe needs you to pay for a car repair, or you suddenly need to pay for a broken leg.

Well, we have created the most prosperous society the world has ever seen, and yet, so many of us are destitute- even starving.

Here's my question- if not for disasters like the Earthquakes, when would we give our money and support to these countries? History has shown that we only do it when it serves our ECONOMIC purposes, except for times of human tragedy, so it seems to me that The Universe is collecting on it's tithe.

Maybe we could see that is IS in our economic interest to help these countries to become prosperous to begin with, and then maybe- just maybe- The Universe won't have to force us by these tragedies.

Just a thought....