Monday, December 14, 2009


The Texas Tigers and Billy Joe Bush

The Texas Tigers and Billy Joe Bush

Everyone had high hopes for the Texas Tigers; they were the newest, and rumored to be the best baseball team ever put together.

Although they had only been playing together for a little while, they knew how to bring out the best in each other. The fielding was excellent, the hitting was bar none, and the pitching was fantastic.

Billy Joe Bush was a big baseball fan who had an inheritance big enough to buy several small countries. He chose to buy the Texas Tigers, and he had a plan to have them go undefeated.

Billy Joe Bush knew that if the pitcher pitched a no-hitter, that there was no way they could lose.

He ordered a no-hitter.

The pitcher told him that he would do his best, but that fortunately, the team had excellent fielding, and they had all been working on their hitting. Even the pitcher was batting .300.

“I said, a no-hitter” Billy Joe Bush made himself clear.

The pitcher explained that of course, he would love to deliver a no-hitter, but that winning the game was what the team's real goal was.

“Am I an idiot? Of course winning the game is the goal- and that's why I'm telling you to pitch a no-hitter. And if you don't pitch a no-hitter, I'm breaking up the team, and selling off each of you. End of discussion.”

“Billy, We can win the game without pitching a no-hitter-” the pitcher tried to explain

“If you don't pitch a no-hitter, I am taking apart the team.” and Billy Joe Bush walked away.

On the day of the big game, the whole team had heard about the order. None of them wanted to go out on the field, no one wanted to play, but since they were professionals, they pulled it together. They knew the fans were there for them to play their best, to do their best, and they would.

But the pitcher had to deliver a no-hitter, or it would all be over.

So, the pitcher took the mound, the players took the field. The crowd cheered, and got ready for the first pitch. The Texas Tigers knew they couldn't let everyone down.

The pitcher looked out to the hitter, looked into the eyes of the catcher, and did what he had to do to make Billy Joe Bush happy, keep the team together, and play more games in the future.

First pitch: High and outside. So was every pitch after that- He walked every batter.

The Texas Tigers lost the game miserably, but he pitched a no-hitter-

Just as Billy Joe Bush ordered.