Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Bottom Line vs. Humanity

A woman's husband gets a terrible sickness, and is denied coverage from their carrier. The husband dies. The woman says "we were covered, but they decided not to pay- I thought they were here to help us."

WRONG. Here's the problem with out capitalist system:

It's focus is THE BOTTOM LINE- nothing else.

It assumes that the "best" business (meaning the one that helps the most people) will be rewarded the most. Under the classic capitalist idea, that would be true, but it is NOT true in practice. I am an HUGE Ayn Rand fan, but theory doesn't match up with truth.

The ONLY focus of a business is to count the profits, so it gets more investors, who want to grow their profits together, and there is NO OTHER CONCERN.

That means if a product is dangerous, but it makes money- it is JUSTIFIED.
If a business kills people (or, more to the point, lets them die), it is JUSTIFIED.

The BOTTOM LINE is never looking out for Humans, but Humans (in our system) are always looking out for the Bottom Line.

And it's time to change that.

I am thrilled to see so many companies coming out under the realization that the bottom line is not enough- that HUMAN BEINGS have to come first, and then profits second.

That does NOT mean there are no profits, it means they aren't FIRST.

How would YOU like to take part in something like that?

Try this: CLICK HERE.