Sunday, August 16, 2009


Shine Week

August 16th through August 22nd
Greetings, HUB members!

Muhhammed Yunus and HUB members

When we birthed HUB, I had learned much as executive
director of the Sole of Africa with Nelson Mandela as patron, and was
influenced greatly by Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

The biggest lesson these great teachers gave us was that in our quest to make
poverty disappear, we must first see the developing world shift from just
receiving aid to giving valued products made within their own communities. This means both in farming and energy to
deal with malnutrition, and in the making of products for an expanding global
market place

This week, HUB's community, with your essential support, starts to carry
out a program which may have the greatest long-term impact in Liberia

With Youth Action International and one of our education partners, Star Shine
Academy, HUB is embarking on a program teaching teachers... starting
with 400 of them!

Mandela stated, as many have since, "We must teach the fisherman to fish."

HUB is not only giving the fish until the fisherman gets the fishing rod,
BUT now we are teaching teachers to inspire and educate an entire generation.

As we all move together towards a Future Worth Choosing, HUB thanks you
and asks for you to embrace and take action around this vital program as we
unveil the details to you.

In gratitude, Charlie Stuart Gay